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‘Dear Fat People’ – Arbour sucked from film

nicole arbour got sucked because of Dear Fat People

Dear Fat People`s producer Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour, a youtube comedian, has been chucked-out of a film production after her “anti-fat people” vid went viral.

In the 6min long youtube video that resulted in her being cut-off from the film Don`t Talk to Irene, Arbour delivers ‘NO CHILL!’ anti-fat folks shots, drops mic on fat people, & even got a field day on black obese people too.

According to a statement issued to Zap2it Pat Mills, the director of Don`t Talk to Irene, was looking forward to hiring Arbour as a choreographer on the anti-bullying teenage film. However, seeing Arbour`s fat-phobic ‘Dear Fat People’ vid forced him to terminate all talks with the comedian.

Explaining his decision, Mills was quoted saying, “I saw something on the Internet that made me never want to see her again”

Arbour is a Canadian comedian, whose popularity is mostly on youtube. Her career history includes working for Toronto Aurgonauts Cheerleaders. In addition, she is also a musician and choreographer.

In ‘Dear Fat People’, she makes statements like “They complain, they smell like sausages, and i don`t even think even ate sausages, that just their aroma.”

‘are you gonna tell the doctor that they are being mean and fat shaming you when they tell you have fuckin heart disease…’

“…and jumbo the son sits next right beside me,…his fat was on my lap, it was actually on my lap, i took the handle i squished it down and i said my seat your seat, i actually took his fat and i pushed it into his seat and i held, he was fine, he was just FAT watching the movie”

“Big sassy black women in church dresses are my favorite…i have no idea the correlation between high notes and calorie intake, but i am not gonna question…and i am not saying all this to be an ass hole, i am saying because your friends should be saying it to you…”

Meanwhile others are already looking forward to a possibility she might release a ‘Dear Migrant People’ or ‘Dear Unemployed people’


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