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Ex-pole dancer- turn congregate, quits church to pole dancing

 Bev Sibanda quits prophet Magaya`s church for the pole

Bev Sibanda quits prophet Magaya`s church for the pole

Pole dancer Beverly Sibanda quit church for pole dancing career, after a few months at prophet Magaya`s church.

The popular pole dancer in Zimbabwean night circles, turned back to pole dancing on claims that since she became a convert, she could no longer sustain herself financially. Bev hinted that despite prophet Magaya having opened a shop for her, very littler income was coming from the business, forcing her to even exhaust the little money she had.

Prophet Magaya who had claimed Bev had fully repented, could not do anything to keep her from leaving church

Bev also mentioned she had made efforts to share her challenges with the prophet, before opting-out, but congregates were blocked all her efforts.

According to Bev, going back to pole dancing was a much better paying alternative than sticking to the shop were she was barely making a life from. It seems dedicating weekends to church was pretty much an inconvenience to the pole dancer, knowing she can make fast, huge sums of money during the time.

Despite the fact that her return to pole dancing had always been anticipated, and foretold by Zoe, another exotic dancer, it is likely that the congregates at PHD Ministries even sped-up her return. Bev hinted she didn`t fill welcome at the church as congregates shunned her and held on to her past. It is likely most women from the church, could have feared she might snatch their husbands for an after party.

‘It was a struggle fitting in’, said Bev.

However, the whole turn-around reveals that what brought Bev to church was money and when the money started to dwindle, she looked at alternative sources where she could make money, pole dancing was her answer. It is really less likely that she had repented or gone to church for change.

Reports in the media also revealed that when Bev left PHD Ministries, her supporting dancers also left the church with her. It is unquestionable that the raunchy exotic dancers were just in search for money not repentance.

The christian public has criticized her move, highlighting she has an evil spirit that keeps on calling her back to such a career and she should have shamed the devil by holding on to Christ and truly repenting.

Pole dancing is highly an unorthodox act, disgusting in the christian walk and a disgrace to women who dignify their bodies, society and have good morals values.

Bev continues to irk women activist and the general women populace in Zimbabwe, because of her chosen career path.


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