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Aleck Macheso ejaculated in baby`s mouth

Macheso with his wife and former wife Tafadzwa , explaining to the media

Macheso with his wife and former wife Tafadzwa , explaining to the media

The Zimbabwean sungura music maestro allegedly performed the act to cure his baby-son`s fontanelle.

Allegations about the act came forward just after the musician`s wife, Tafadzwa Mapako, had divorced and parted ways with polygamous Macheso. Angry Tafadzwa expressed serious dismay over the abusive and gross act in which she claimed her former husband had inserted his ‘small/ kadora’ penis into their babies mouth all in the name of culture to cure a fontanelle.

In one of Tafadzwa`s reports, Macheso`s older wife, was present, bearing witness and in agreement to the indecent act, hinting it might have been done to the rest of the Macheso kids.

Angered Tafadzwa also reported that Macheso severely beat her up for having declined that he performs the ritual on their second child.

Meanwhile, recent revelation from Tafadzwa indicated that the child is a sickly boy. Moreover, the boy`s doctor reported that the child has an undisclosed infection which continues to take him in and out of hospital.

However, a whole twist to the story came-up when Macheso was called for comments. Aleck Macheso denied the claims and dismissed them as attempts to fix him.

The whole scandal has emanated from their divorce which Tafadzwa claim was caused by Macheso`s abusive cultural practice on their baby, and the violent way he had exhibited when she declined to have Macheso perform the act on their second baby. However, Macheso denied her allegations saying, she was bitter because he didn`t divorce his first wife, as Tafadzwa had always wanted, and he never inserted his penis into the baby`s mouth.

Comments from Macheso revealed that he slide his penis from ear to ear and the back to the from of the baby`s head, not inserting it into the mouth.

‘There is no way i could do such a thing, inserting my penis into a baby`s mouth’, Macheso said.

The musician also informed the media that Tafadzwa had promised to fix him for divorcing her, just like she had done with all the man she had dated before the musician. Further reports from Macheso even highlighted that Tafadzwa had even threatened he will die for having divorced her and this was just a fulfillment of her promises with fabricated claim.

This abusive practice is reportedly common in countries like Malawi and Zambia, and it so happens Macheso comes from Malawi. However, this gross practice is serious taboo in the local Zimbabwean traditions which Tafadzwa is accustomed to, though there are some traditionalist who claim to be familiar to the cultural practice claimed by Macheso.

Reports on those who practice the ritual claim that it strengthens the baby`s immune system. Some reports on those who practice this, even highlight medical practitioners allegedly quoted, claiming that those who don`t perform the act put their babies at a high risk for illnesses.

Traditionalist familiar to the ritual, say a couple with a newly born baby, will desist from sexual intercourse up until the wife has stopped bleed. Afterward, the couple will engage in a sexual act and the husband is supposed to ejaculate on the baby or the mother`s palms. The semen is then smeared on the baby`s fontanelle, as a cure.

At times, the ritual will be performed using a mixture of vaginal discharge and semen, and alternatively the father rubs his penis on the fontanelle.

Police have not made any serious actions on the matter or arrested the musician/Red Cross Humanitarian ambassador over the allegations.

Meanwhile Macheso has been trying to do a paternity test with Tafadzwa for their second baby, but Tafadzwa has never pitched-up for the test, twice.


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