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Fans pay tribute to Paul Walker

Fans of the late actor gather to pay him tribute

Fans of the late actor gather to pay him tribute

Close to 5000 people, filled with sadness, left only with memories of thrilling high speed stunts from Paul, packed the site that marked the end the late fast and furious actor, Paul and his friend, Roger Rodas’ lives, in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles.

Some of Paul`s fans showed-up in wheels designed for speed, engines charged for sporting take-off, just to give a well deserved farewell with what Paul was famous for, speed.

The late treasured fast and furious actor was having a spin in a Porsche Carrera GT which was being driver by Roger Rodas, who also happened to be the owner and Paul`s financial adviser. Roger likely lost control of the car resulting in the limited edition Porsche veering of the road crashing into a light pole and a tree, before bursting into flames and burning the two to death

According to the police account, speed is one of the factors that led to the tragic crash and death.

Another account on the incident, reveals that the Porsche used to belong to IndyCar driver Graham Rahal, who reportedly once said it was difficult to drive.

Paul and his friend were great lovers of speed, co-owned a racing team, Always Evolving, and Roger Rodas once took to the race course as a professional race car driver in the Pirelli World Challenge Circuit, this year.


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