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Musician Bev turns back to pole dancing

Bev the pole dance turn musician returns to pole dancing

Bev the pole dancer, turn musician returns to pole dancing

It appears Beverly Sibanda will never part with her exotic dancing lifestyle. Of recent, it has been all over the radio that she has began to venture into the music industry.

This positive change was followed by the release of her single which was not only great but rather left a lot of people hoping that she has finally seen the light and will drop the erotic dance profession.

Surprisingly, newspapers report show that she has plans to stage some of her dances at one of Bulawayo`s night clubs this weekend.

Meanwhile Women`s groups and general female members of society have expressed great dismay at her indecent body exhibition in a manner that reflects no self respect and degrades Zimbabwe`s cultural values.

Bev`s return to the pole comes at a time when women groups are calling for respect of women`s bodies, fighting against advertisements and marketing campaigns that sexualize and commodified the female body.

Meanwhile, Bev has claimed that she is a family entertainer and her acts are suitable for families to watch, sending shock to those who know her and follow the press. Matabeleland clubers are geared-up for her performance.


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