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Lady Gaga`s ARTPOP album leaks.

Lady Gaga`s latest album leaks

Gaga`s latest album leaks

Gaga`s latest album leaks

The 27 year-old`s album, ARTPOP, has leaked over the internet before its release date.

Almost every the tracks on the album can now be downloaded from popular music sites on the web, before the official release date that had been set for the 11 of November 2013.

ARTPOP is a 15 track album made-up of songs written by the pop-star, lady Gaga. Gaga worked in collaboration with artists such as T.I., R.Kelly, Too Short and Twista, on this album.

The album features tracks like Jewels & Drugs- ft T.I.; Do what you want- ft R.Kelly; Applause; Aura, among others.

According to lady Gaga, ARTPOP would be different to all the albums she has created before, it would be her first real album, she said, before the leak.

However, despite her claims and zeal over the album, the tracks reflect irresponsibility and childishness. The album is a fail, the beat on some of the tracks is frustrating, the songs carry a weird sense of pop which some fans might not like.

In an interview with WWD, Lady Gaga said, ” the point of art pop is that art and pop can have an exchange.”
One can tell that art and pop music have been quite an inspiration on this album, but mixing the two might have been too much.

Lady Gaga had made comments that she has a lot of songs she has written and she intends to release the album in two versions.


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