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Zi-fm presenter Tinopona Katsande cum sextape maker

Tinopona Katsande`s sex-tape leaks

Tinopona Katsande`s sex-tape leaks

Zi-fm`s famous presenter tin-tin has become the talk of the day following the leakage of her sex-tape.

As a role model to most youngsters, aspiring broadcasters, and actresses, Tin- Tin has botched. May her irresponsibility grow into a lesson to all young women.

Tin- Tin has become the second person to be involved in such a mess, following Zimbabwe`s ex big brother representative Pokello Nare and famous urban Grover, Stunner.

Surprisingly, Tin-Tin`s sex-tape has been taken off YouTube, yet that of Pokello and Stunner is still there. My fury is not really in the existence of the tapes or them making them, but rather the fact that in both cases society has rendered the blame on the women. Why not blame the men involved and shame them too, they are equally stupid to have set a camera in a sex act. It will be far better if the criticism is equally spread to the man involved, society needs responsible men to lead it, and women who have respect over their bodies not these disgraces.

Lets have positive minded, inspiring, image building role models.



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