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PSY`s new single a Message to NKorea

fd6f6fdf7089e90c2e0f6a706700168bFrom ‘Gangman’ to ‘Gentleman’
South Korean rapper PSY says he hopes North Koreans will enjoy his new single even as tensions remain high on the Korean Peninsula.

PSY, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, said Saturday that he regretted the current tensions between the two Koreas. The situation has been grabbing global headlines, with North Korea becoming increasingly belligerent with war rumblings, leaving its neighbors wary of a possible missile test by Pyongyang.

PSY said he hoped North Koreans would enjoy his new music. He said his job was to make all people, including North Koreans, laugh.

When the “Gangnam Style” video went viral last year, it spun legions of parodies. Even North Korea’s government created a parody video of the hit, showing that the secretive country is well-versed in South Korean popular culture. North Korea used its “Gangnam Style” parody to criticize Park Geun-hye, then the presidential candidate for South Korea’s ruling party. Park was inaugurated as South Korea’s new president in February.

“I tried to find Korean words that people from any country can easily sing along,” he said of “Gentleman,” which contains lyrics both in English and Korean. PSY co-composed the music and wrote the lyrics, which poke fun at a self-claimed gentleman who enjoys his time at a dance club.



2 comments on “PSY`s new single a Message to NKorea

  1. Kuda
    April 15, 2013

    Oops thot it was Kim Jong Un who sang that song

  2. Ntobri
    April 25, 2013

    i love this song!! psy is totally epic

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