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Reebok drops Rick Ross

Ties between Rick Ross and Reebok have been cut following criticism of Rick Ross` pro-rape lyrics in Rock`s song.
The worlds` famous hip-hop rapper has been accused of supporting rape based on his lyrics in Rockos` song.
Rick Ross made statements that suggested that he drugged a girl/ woman and took her home, unconciously, he raped her. In the song, Rick Ross tells the world that he drugged the girl using molly a drug called MDMA.
Reebok a subsidury of Addidas a germany company, has also said that though they have terminated their contract with Mr. Ross, they do no believe that the american rapper condones rape. Spokesperson of the group said that they want Mr. Ross to understand the seriousness of the issue.
According to a recent report, women activist groups have recently stated issuing petition against the song. Meanwhile, Rocko has said that he will remove rick ross` lyrics from his song.
This retraction by reebok follows a recent apology aired by Rick Ross on one of america`s radio stations and on twitter.
Rick Ross has been a sucssess over the past few years, his last album ‘God Forgives I Dont’.
meanwhile the rapper has said that the lyrics were misinterpreted, he didn`t mean rape or that he raped someone as people are thinking.


3 comments on “Reebok drops Rick Ross

  1. shadreck
    April 19, 2013

    the boss should have known better how could he rap so foolish

    • shadreck
      April 19, 2013

      but this is what makes hip hop and rap music people should try to understand not to be unreasonable on the musician ‘boss”

  2. terrence
    April 19, 2013

    but this is what makes hip hop and rap music, people should try and understand, not to be unreasonable on the ‘boss’ ross

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