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Beyonce and Jay-Z trip to Cuba was legalised

d2fa29fc5c991b0b2e0f6a7067003ba1Beyonce and Jay-Z`s trip to Cuba was legalised.
The two celebrities went to Cuba for their 5th wedding anniversary and sparked question on wether they had a license from the United States Government, to vist a suspected terrorist country.US lawmaker launched a probe into the matter after two Cuban representatives in the US government had asked what kind of license had been issued to the couple, to visit Cuba, a communist country.
The couple are the 5th celebrities who have visited Cuba over the past few years, however, their visit seems to have raised the most alarm.
Beyonce and Jay-Z are said to have enjoyed their anniversary in Cuba.
The United States of America`s government dislikes Cuba and have always been dissapointed by the fact that it is a one party state. Cuba has also been rated as one of the worst human rights observers in the world.
The tension between the United States and the Cuba has also been due to suspicions that Cuba is a terrorist country, producing weapons of terrorism. America as been highly opposed to the idea of its citizens visiting the communist country.
The US government has been against the idea of its citizen establishing businesses, spending money in Cuba, the perception is that the money will be used on weapons of terrorism.


2 comments on “Beyonce and Jay-Z trip to Cuba was legalised

  1. Ntobri
    April 11, 2013

    the luxuries of being a celebrity!!! money money money

    • ngonidzashe
      April 14, 2013

      they spend whatever they have wherever the good life for real

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