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Rick Ross formally apologizes for making pro-rape lyrics.

tumblr_m1ij99zWC01qlgf0oo1_500Thursday’s apology — in the form of a tweet — came the same day a women’s group, UltraViolet, planned a protest outside of one of his sponsors, Reebok, in Manhattan.

In Rocko’s song “U.O.E.N.O,” Ross raps about giving a woman the drug MDMA, known as Molly, and having his way with her. The song was released in January but just recently began getting widespread notice.

Although last week Ross said his lyrics were misinterpreted, he tweeted Thursday that he doesn’t condone rape and apologized for lyrics that were “interpreted as rape.”

He also offered “apologies to my many business partners, who would never promote violence against women,” specifically mentioning Reebok and UltraViolet.


2 comments on “Rick Ross formally apologizes for making pro-rape lyrics.

  1. Ntobri
    April 11, 2013

    at least he takes responsibility for his actions, but in all honesty why would he even write a song about that?

    • ngonidzashe
      April 14, 2013

      that`s true, its good taking responsibility, but its even better if celebrities live up to high standards he should have not done such bad lyrics

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