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Lil-Wayne discloses he has Epilepsy

130315210746-09-lil-wayne-0315-story-topLil-Wayne discloses he has Epilepsy.
The hip-hop star made a call to Los Angels Radio Station power 106 and announce that he suffers from epilepsy. Over the past two weeks the rapper had been hospitalised after encountering a serious seizure.
Lil-Wayne said it was not the first time he had been experiencing these seizures. According to him, he has experience more serious seizures before the recent attack that took him to hospital and made the airwaves.
He coined that, “its only that people have never known about these seizure, but the truth is i have experienced a lot them not once, twice, thrice but a lot of times.”
The rapper said pain, stress and over working himself made him fall into the seizure.
Despite the unfortunate illness that struck him, Lil-Wayne managed to release his latest album “I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2” on Tuesday this
week, some few days before it leaked on the internet.
The tracks talk of real love relationship and as he says, it’s for the females and it’s really penetrating and moving.
Lil-Wayne is also planning to go on a tour sometime this year. He will be accompanied by the Grand Hustle Gang Rapper T.I. and a few other musicians.


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