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Harry Potter actor dies at 65

Harry Potter Actor ‘Uncle Vernon’ Dies.
British actor Richard Griffiths has died. Mr. Griffiths died from heart complication after undergoing a heart surgery at the university hospital in Coventry central England.
Richard Griffiths died at the age of 65. He starred in the harry potter movies as harry potter`s unsympathetic uncle Vernon.
Besides his popularity in the harry potter movies, Richard Griffiths performed in various other movies and television shows. He acted in the 1980s movie “Withnail and I.” and also perfomed as a teacher in ‘The History Boys’ a movie in which he won a tony for the best performance as a leading actor.
Britain`s National Theatre artistic director Nicholas Hytner, who directed “The History Boys,” called Griffiths’ performance in that play “a masterpiece of wit, delicacy, mischief and desolation, often simultaneously.”
Richard Griffiths was not only famous for his acting but his huge stage presence and being a huge man which helped him play his character roles amazingly.
Mr. Griffiths was also well known for his sense of humor and easy loss of temper during stage performances. The man could stop a stage performance when a phone rings in the audiences, he would even ask the offender to leave.
His last major stage role was in a comedy ‘The Sunshine Boys’ in 2012. Mr. Griffiths is survived by his wife Heather Gibson.



3 comments on “Harry Potter actor dies at 65

  1. ayanda
    March 29, 2013

    condolences to the Griffiths, he was a great actor

  2. shardreckmac
    March 29, 2013

    dude u saying he was a great actor, the guy was giving the boy a hectic time in and out…its sad he dead tho!

  3. ngonidzashe
    March 29, 2013

    He was a pain but lets admitt it Mr. Griffiths was good at his work

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