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 Trending>>>>> the      National University of Science and Technology will host the ‘miss nust beauty pageant 2013’, this 2nd of March…be there you can`t afford to miss this. The Miss-University658venue is the ceremonial hall @ nust….the entrance charges are>>$2 in advance, $3 @ the door, VIP $5….tickets are available from Mark 0773595060, Hilton 0774312898…The event starts at 17:30 till late…hurry now for your ticket


3 comments on “Miss NUST

  1. Emmanuel Ndlovu
    February 27, 2013

    i am very pleased to announce that our Donna Ncube will be taking part in the peagent… All the best to her and may she bring the crown back with her to our class, to the journalism department.

  2. emmanuel ndlovu
    March 4, 2013

    i was totally against the idea of us paying to be part of our school event and whoever decided to lift the payment did a very good job. The evening was a great success and as the Journalism department we are very proud of Donna for making it to 2nd princess and as former marist students we are proud of Ratanang Noko who was crowned Miss Nust 2013.

    • ngonidzashe
      March 11, 2013

      true that, students shouldn`t be paying anything at these events,,,,especially those who stay at the rez..congradulations to Donna and Ratanang…

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